3 Easy Skin Care Routines for Traveling

Just because your skin care routine works perfectly for you at home doesn’t mean that it is right for your upcoming vacation. There are two main factors to consider with skin care during your getaway: the climate and the convenience. If the climate of the vacation spot is different from home, you’ll need to change up your products. Here are three skin care routines for popular vacation climates, and tips on making each routine more convenient.

A thumbnail of a sitting lady with the line 3 Easy Skin Care Routines for TravelingTropical Getaway Routine

Going somewhere hot and humid? This is the ultimate vacation for many people, and it can be a drastic change for those living in areas where the weather is cold or dry. What you’ll need are lightweight products that are designed to protect the skin. Sunscreen and moisturizer are two absolute must-haves. To make it convenient, wash your face with light cleansing pads, such as glycolic acid pads, at the end of each vacation day. If you plan to swim in the ocean, bring a product that can restore your skin’s pH – look for a cleanser that does both to make it more convenient.

Airplane Travel Routine

Airplanes are a special sort of limbo for skin, where the climate-controlled cabin can wreak havoc in just a few hours. Because of the unusual pressurization in airplanes, it’s common to leave a flight feeling dry, flaky, and dull. So, grab a few travel-sized goodies that include a hydrating facial mist (less mess than cream), and a hydrating cream mask for sleeping in. If you’ll be on board for long, bring a few blotting papers for oil – your skin will be overcompensating for the dryness before long.

Winter Wonderland Routine

Are you headed to a ski resort, or somewhere cold and snowy? Don’t forget that sunscreen is just as important on this type of vacation. The snow reflects the sun’s UV rays, so you’re getting twice the exposure. A moisturizing mask to protect your skin from the harsh cold is an excellent idea, and don’t forget the lip balm! Cold weather causes raw, chapped lips very quickly. Choose formulas that are hydrating for everything so you can avoid long, drying showers.

As you can see, you don’t need much to maintain your skin care on vacation. Remember to check that your products are acceptable for plane travel if you intend to fly, and you’re all set to go on your vacation with your lovely, glowing skin.

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