5 Things To Do in Los Angeles After your Rhinoplasty

A View of the beach with peoples

When you are deciding about where to have your rhinoplasty, you are naturally thinking about the surgeon, the imaging, the surgery center, your health. But despite all the thought and maybe even a little anxiety, have you thought about what you are going to do for the week after your rhinoplasty?

When you come to Los Angeles for your surgery, you have entered a culture that celebrates fun and beauty. So you should enjoy yourself here. Don’t worry that you have a cast on your nose, you won’t standout (think of all the casted girls at Reese Witherspoon’s high school in “Clueless”). People in L.A. have seen it all, and they just don’t care, so you neither should you.

The first place that I recommend for the newbie is the beach. Go in the morning, and put your zipped hoodie on for privacy. If you go west down Wilshire Boulvedard, you will run into the ocean in a few miles in Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a beautiful tourist destination for its beach, the Third Street Promenade outdoor shopping mall and its amusement pier. If you want a more scenic experience, drive a few miles up the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.

Some people prefer to hermit away at luxury hotel, like the Pennisula in Beverly Hills down the street, and pamper themselves with breakfast in bed and the sort. But when you are ready to break out of your shell, you simply walk out the hotel door and you are in the Golden Triangle, the most Chi-Chi shopping experience you will ever have. Blocks and blocks of Chanel, Fendi, Tory Burch, Prada, Barney’s and many others. Don’t forget lunch at Fred’s at Barney’s.

Century City has an outdoor mall that is more eclectic, fun to just walk through. They have great shopping from designer boutiques to anchor stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. Don’t forget Eataly, the multi-Italian market and restaurant, or the more private, dark pan-Asian Rock Sugar. If you want a more private and restful break, Century City has a large AMC Multiplex theater to catch that first-release movie you wanted to see.

For the more adventurous, who came “all this way” and may never come to Los Angeles again, try Disneyland. It is truly the “happiest place on earth.” It will create another great memory, when you look at your new nose in the mirror.

Just remember to wear a hat…