7 Easy Ways to Look Younger Without Makeup

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Want to look younger, but don’t want to rely on makeup to cover up lines or dull skin? There are many ways to avoid all that mirror time and still look flawless. Here are seven makeup-free ways to look younger right away:

A thumbnail of a lady with the line of 7 Easy Ways to Look Younger Without Makeup1. Get more sleep.
How much sleep you get really does change how your skin looks. Beauty sleep is important for dewy, smooth skin with elasticity. Get at least eight hours for decreased inflammation and fewer wrinkles. Be sure that you aren’t sleeping on the same side every night to reduce lines on one side of your face.

2. Watch your posture.

Believe it or not, your posture can have an impact on your facial skin. If you are always looking down at a phone while texting, for example, that position can cause lines on your neck. Correct your posture for a younger appearance.

3. Pat your skin, don’t rub.

Rubbing the skin with a towel can tug the skin, causing premature aging and sagging. Instead, pat your face dry with a soft towel. If you are putting on makeup, be sure to apply upwards, rather than dragging foundation or other products down. This will also drag your skin down.

4. Moisturize as many ways as you can.

One of the key characteristics of older skin is dryness. Moisturize with product, with a humidifier in your room, with plenty of water intake, and as many other ways as you can.

5. Exercise, for many reasons.

There are many reasons that exercise can help you look younger. It gives you a naturally radiant look by boosting blood flow. It helps you lose or maintain your weight, which helps keep the face slim and youthful. It helps reduce sagging skin by toning everything as well.

6. Start up a chemical peel routine.

Chemical peels can get rid of the layers of dull, aging skin on the top of your face, revealing the younger skin cells below. Instead of covering this with makeup, simply remove with a peel.

7. Connect with your significant other.

Finally, experts agree that regular physical contact with your significant other can help you appear more youthful. These activities create hormones that cause new growth in skin cells as well as hair and nails. Give it a try, and you’ll likely at least feel younger!

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