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Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m a student and I came to Dr. Rawnsley for a rhinoplasty.

The main reason I want to get a rhinoplasty primarily is my profile I have a bump when you when you’re looking at me. Most of the time I don’t notice it but if there’s a photograph I can see it very clearly and if you’re looking directly at me just the width I feel it’s so dominant on my face it kind of washes out my other features.

At the beginning I think it was photographs or this weird awareness of my nose at all times whether it’s when I’m talking to someone or if I see my reflection I’d immediately feel self-conscious. Over time I think I’ve become a bit more comfortable with it, but then looking back I still couldn’t get rid– of well I was– I looked confident but I wasn’t. I felt uncomfortable like I could– I knew something was different. It would bother me.

I did a lot of research when looking for the proper surgeon. Dr. Rawnsley was my decision in the ending primarily because he’s a leader in his field. His before and after photographs were great. His experience is the best and this is one of those things you want the best of the best. My face is something that everyone’s going to see, I can’t really hide it, so I want something that I’ll feel comfortable with and feel confident and I chose to go with someone that I also feel comfortable and confident with.

I am four days away from my surgery as of now and I’m nervous and very excited.

I feel confident that I have Dr. Rawnsley. I almost feel blessed that I found him, so I’m really excited to go in and I know that it’s going to be really great.

It has been a year since my surgery and I have no regrets. The surgery was really smooth. It was a lot faster than I had anticipated they gave me warm blankets before I went in which was really wonderful.

When I got out Dr. Rawnsley was right next to me so it was as though nothing happened, he stood I mean throughout the whole thing. One thing that I also really like about Dr. Rawnsley is that none of the adjustments are too extreme. He’s all about a natural result. He doesn’t look at you and think, okay I’m gonna make you look like this, he wants you to look like the best you you can possibly look like. And I really appreciate that because the responses I’m getting aren’t, oh, you did something to this area of your face. It’s more the overall look of my face is maybe brighter.

The whole reason I had the surgery done was to make myself more comfortable in my appearance.

I definitely didn’t feel comfortable in photographs, I would compensate with wearing makeup and trying to adjust things the best that I can. It feels good for myself to feel confident in the way that I look.

There will always be things that you want to change or you’re not certain about and it’s not some– it’s not the end-all be-all, it’s not like you get it done in the whole world is different. It’s more you get it done and you look at yourself and you think that’s how I feel I would look.

None of us are made to look exactly like anybody else and it feels really good to be me and look the way that I look and feel really proud of that.

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