Bella Thorne and Her Tattooed Eyebrows

In what has to be one of the more extreme instances of celebrity Snapchats, actress Bella Thorne actually shared a recent tattooing experience with her followers. During the process, she had “permanent makeup” applied in the form of eyebrow tattoos. The process is not as permanent as it sounds, with the results being noted as lasting for up to three years.

Portrait of a closed eyes with Bella Thorne and Her Tattooed Eyebrows


Yet, many wondered why she would opt for the treatment as her “before” Snapchats revealed appealing and well shaped brows, while the during and after shots seemed to surprise many for their heaviness and somewhat harsh lines.

What made many worry about the decision for this form of cosmetic treatment was simply that Thorne already has amazing eyebrows. She is even known for the perfect shape and somewhat bushy volume they have; and they frame her eyes in a very flattering way.

None the less, she did sit through several hours of work, and openly admitted to discomfort when the final process of dyeing the brows began. Saying, “I think this is my least favorite part,” she just continued sending out clips and stills until a few final shots of the completed brows.

Why Do It?

According to some beauty experts, it is done by those who want to have the fullest brows with the least amount of maintenance. Pricing is less than $1000 for most clients, and they can have “touch ups” done periodically if they want to overcome any fading that might occur. Some of the best providers actually do a complimentary touch up around a month later and then charge for regular touch ups that should occur around eight months or less between treatments.

Of course, what you should know if you are considering it is that it is not technically tattooing but a process known as micropigmentation processing, which deposits the ink in the uppermost layer of the dermis. This makes it a semi permanent tattoo. It is a popular treatment for those with sparse brows who find themselves constantly filling in the brow line with makeup. It can also offer shaping for those who dislike the use of eyebrow pencils.

How It Is Done

Though Thorne did not walk her fans through the entire process, it will generally involve some threading to shape the brows and some makeup used to fill in and mark out the shape for the tattoo artist. Most providers also numb the brow area and then match up their ink color with the client’s natural hair color.

What is amazing is that the actual tattooing can take as little as 10 or 20 minutes, though the process lasts for around two hours. What many people who have had it done say, though, is that you must be mentally and emotionally prepared for the radical change the process makes in your brows.

Unfortunately, what many don’t know about the process is that you need to protect your brows for the next week, just as you would a tattoo. This is easier said than done because you will still have to wash your face and do your regular skincare, showering, hair washing and the rest, without getting water on the brows!

Do keep in mind that the sun is going to fade the color, so that too is something to be aware of if you are planning on the treatment. The dedicated sun worshiper is not really the ideal candidate for the treatment as they will end up requiring many touch ups.

Is it worth it? Based on Thorne’s reaction and those who have had it done, most love the ease it provides and think their brows have never looked better!

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