Mother Daughter Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery by Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles CA

Mother Daughter Plastic Surgery As a Facial Plastic Surgeon with years of experience in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, I have had the privilege of working with mothers and daughters from all walks of life. Plastic surgery is a deeply personal decision, often influenced by a complex interplay of factors. In this article, I […]

Dennis – Rhinoplasty Patient | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery

Dennis, Rhinoplasty Patient | After Rhinoplasty surgery in Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

20 APR DENNIS – RHINOPLASTY PATIENT | RAWNSLEY PLASTIC SURGERY   Transcript: Hi, I’m Dennis. I’m 21 years old I’m a pre-med student and I’m here for rhinoplasty. The primary reason for having rhinoplasty is because I don’t like the shape of my nose. It’s big and it’s like droopy so it’s kind of like […]

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