Dr. Rawnsley on Rhinoplasty, Pt. 1

Having performed rhinoplasty surgery for over ten years, I understand what a difficult surgery it is to perform. Most plastic surgeons would agree, nose reshaping is the most intellectually, technically, and aesthetically challenging surgery in all of plastic surgery. The difficulty is attested to by the high reported revision surgery rates among surgeons which quote a 15-20% of surgeries need to have revision rhinoplasty to correct a multitude of problems.

The problems include tip and bridge asymmetries, profile irregularities, poor aesthetic outcomes and breathing problems. Unfortunately, I see many of these patients who have suffered the problems associated with poorly planned and/or executed rhinoplasty by other surgeons. My revision rhinoplasty practice represents about half of my facial plastic surgery practice. And yet I would be happy if more patients were getting excellent nose reshaping procedures the first time and didn’t have to endure the emotional suffering and cost associated with revision rhinoplasty.