Dr. Rawnsley on Rhinoplasty, Pt. 2

As an educator, teaching young surgeons at UCLA, I have a great interest in helping make the situation better for rhinoplasty patients by teaching surgeons the basics, as well as the nuances, of this surgery so that the overall quality of care is improved in the community. Our fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA has produced some of the finest academic Facial Plastic surgeons I’ve ever seen, who will continue to train a new generation of higher quality surgeons. In the meanwhile, there are some basic tips for patients to help them get their rhinoplasty right the first time.

Above all, find the right doctor. Believe it or not, not all doctors are created equal. Board certification in Facial Plastic Surgery or General Plastic Surgery is a starting point, but does not guarantee that the surgeon has adequate experience, training or talent. Look for a doctor who has a special interest in rhinoplasty. Ask around. Referrals in plastic surgery have traditionally come from word of mouth. Physicians generally get a reputation over time for good (and bad) work. Don’t believe all the hype or negative rumors. The best referral comes from someone you know and trust and preferably has had surgery with the surgeon in question. Ask other doctors as well, as they often know the reputation of their peers. Shop around.