Dr. Rawnsley on Rhinoplasty, Pt. 3

In shopping for plastic surgery, buyer beware. The internet is a great place to look at everyone’s wares. Before and after pages are always the most looked at pages for Plastic surgeons. You should like what you see and there should be plenty of examples. Get a feel for the overall site. Is it haphazardly organized or too slick? Is it generic with only models photographs and no real patients? Is there any focus on the nose? Be a good shopper. It is really up to you to evaluate the doctor like you would anyone you might hire. Don’t be distracted by the office decor or a nice suit. You want to connect to the doctor and feel that they are hearing your concerns and ideas. I think that asking for digital image morphing during your consultation allows an excellent opportunity for you to interact with your physician. You can see if you are able to communicate with them about what you want and expect. The surgeon then gets to perform a little virtual surgery that allows you to see if you like his or her aesthetic judgment, an essential component for a successful primary rhinoplasty. Look for results. Ask to see lots of pictures of before and after photos. These should be the “home run” results that the surgeon wants to showcase. If you are unimpressed, you should move on. Ask to talk to former patients. While these patients are hand selected to happy patients, you may get some subtle clues about their unfiltered opinion. Choosing to have rhinoplasty can be a very rewarding experience. Finding the right surgeon requires a clear head and using all your faculties and consumer skills.