Ethnic Rhinoplasty and the Droopy Tip

I just performed an ethnic rhinoplasty on a 22 year old man of Indian descent from Los Angeles. He had come to me with concerns about a downward pointing or drooping nasal tip that made his nose look elongated, and his nostrils appear relatively flared and retracted. In addition, he was concerned about wide appearing lower third of the nose, and a nasal bridge hump. To bring up and refine his nasal tip, I had to remove some of the tip cartilage that were pushing things down and support the weak cartilage on the stronger septum. Weak cartilage and thicker skin are almost always issues in ethnic rhinoplasty. I improved the profile, by taking down the hump, while leaving a strong masculine profile with a subtle convexity. The nose was then narrowed by infracture of the bones. As always, the breathing was optimized with a septoplasty and turbinate reduction.
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