Ethnic Rhinoplasty Case 4

This gentleman came to Dr. Rawnsley’s office ready to take the step that would make a positive change in his appearance. A professional horse trainer, he felt that his nose was too prominent and his chin too diminutive, a poor balance.

He and Dr. Rawnsley met in private consultation to discuss his goals and explore the specifics of the case. The doctor noted the prominent nasal bridge just above the tip and the weak chin. With the help of digital imaging, which allows patients to see projected outcomes of different approaches, the patient better understood his choices and was able to come to an informed decision along with the doctor.

In the surgery center, Dr. Rawnsley took an endonasal approach to the operation. He performed a dorsal refinement as well as a chin augmentation.

The result is subtle yet distinct. The patient’s face appears to be properly balanced and perfectly natural.

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