Ethnic Rhinoplasty Case 5

This 28 year old woman of middle-eastern decent came to Dr. Rawnsley’s office with specific goals and requirements. She wanted to correct her septum, so that she would be able to breathe better, while at the same time make some slight refinements to her nose. But it was important to her not to obscure her ethnic identity.

Dr. Rawnsley is very familiar with patients who want to maintain their ethnic features and has the skill to do so while making slight adjustments to aspects of the nose that may be out of proportion with the rest of the face. He discussed this with her and talked about specific approaches. Together they decided to retain the appearance of a strong nasal bridge.

The operation was conducted endonasally, making only incisions on the inside of the nose. Dr. Rawnsley successfully performed the septoplasty. He reduced the dorsal bump and de-projected the nose.

The results speak for themselves, a subtle but profound change in her face without diminishing her uniquely middle-eastern features.