Ethnic Rhinoplasty Case 6

This Bakersfield resident came to Dr. Rawnsley’s office interested in finding out what her options were for her nose, which she felt was unflattering. She didn’t like the hump and what it did to her profile.

Dr. Rawnsley consulted with her and explained the different approaches. He noted the hump and the asymmetry of her tip. He could also see that it appeared to be oriented downward and was severely ptotic. They agreed on an approach that would suit her individual case and a date was set for the operation.

Dr. Rawnsley performed her procedure endonasally, as he is able to do with the majority of his primary rhinoplasty patients. He delicately reduced the nasal hump. He aligned and rotated the tip and slightly reduced the size.

And the result… fantastic. A completely natural nose which complements her face.