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Before and After Rhinoplasty treatment | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Every nose and face is different and it is not my goal to give everyone the same nose.

I believe you should have the nose that fits both your face and your ethnicity. What that means is looking at all of your facial features as a coherent whole and considering what would best draw out the aspects you want to highlight – your eyes, for instance. It also means asking what you’re going to retain and what you’re going to change.

When these questions bring ethnic identity into play they can be challenging for patients. My job is to sit with you and listen to your desires, tell you what’s possible and what’s not, as well as what I would recommend. My consultations and practice are patient-driven as well as guided by my years of experience. My goal is to help you bring out your best with a professional and safe ethnic rhinoplasty or “nose job” in our Los Angeles clinic.

Rhinoplasty, in the past, has always been geared to the general facial shapes and aesthetic standards of Caucasians. However, Dr. Rawnsley knows that applying Caucasian rhinoplasty guidelines to the face of an Asian, Native American, African American, or Middle Eastern patient can result in breathing issues and an increased risk for additional revisional surgeries.

Some patients will bring in pictures of celebrities and request a nose job like the picture. Your face is unique and requesting someone else’s facial characteristics is unrealistic. If you are looking for drastic alterations, you will require multiple procedures, high expense, and surgical risk.

Instead, take our surgeon’s recommendations and opt for the following:

  • Augmentation or rearranging
  • Revision rhinoplasty
  • Reduction
  • Projection

An ethnic rhinoplasty procedure refers to changes to the shape of the nose to create facial harmony while preserving the unique ethnic characteristics of the individual.