Famous Noses Throughout History

Portrait of Scientist Tycho Brahe | Famous Noses Throughout History

With modern advancements in facial plastic surgery, tweaking a bump, tip or other feature of the nose might be a reasonable option. But throughout history, either out of a lack of options or perhaps just stubbornness, many famous and less famous figures have highlighted their unique noses.


Did you know that Michelangelo was teased as a young boy about his nose? History tells us that it was squashed against his face, almost completely indefinable, so that even his forehead stuck out farther than his nose. According to the story, his nose was a result of a fight with the painter Pietro Torrigiano.

Kate Elder

In the 1870s, Kate Elder was one of the most famous brothel owners in the Wild West. Her nose was famous too; she was referred to as “Big Nose Kate”, and her claim to fame includes being the mistress of the infamous Doc Holliday. Kate saved his life more than once and has gone down in history as one of the most fascinating real-life characters that existed.

Tycho Brahe

Tycho BraheAnyone who has looked into the history of the nose has read about the great scientist Tycho Brahe. After losing the tip of his nose in a sword fight, you may think that a man would attempt to cover the wound or have facial surgery. But Tycho decided to show off the newly disfigured nose by replacing the tip with a golden cover. No one could miss his nose now!

Thomas Wedders

In the 1700s, a man named Thomas Wedders traveled with the circus in England, delighting the masses with what was later recorded as the longest nose in known human history. His nose measured 7 1/2 inches long!

Napoleon’s Army Officers

This isn’t one specific nose, but rather a group of them. Napoleon was said to believe that a large nose meant that a person had a large brain, and therefore he would not promote any soldier to the rank of officer unless they had a large nose. He even wrote about this decision, saying “When I want any good head-work done, I choose a man with a long nose.”

History is filled with noses of all sorts. But if you’re not ready to wear a golden nose or join Napoleon’s army, maybe talk to a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rawnsley ????

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