Gisele Bundchen was a Brazilian Beauty before the Nose Job

Gisele Bundchen before and after rhinoplasty | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Gisele Bundchen has been praised for so many different things. As the highest paid supermodel for more than eight years running, she gained fame all on her own, and numerous fashionistas state that she is responsible for bringing back the popularity of the “real model” instead of the skinny, underfed models of the eighties and nineties. She is often referred to as “heroin chic”. Her stunning good looks and attractive manner have landed her roles as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and as one of the most sought after models in the world.She has also become a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment Programme, and this shows that she cares for much more than just what goes on at the runway.

The Germanic Nose

Gisele is Brazilian but of Germanic descent, and there are certain features that come along with this ethnicity, including a strong nose that is often considered “masculine.” In her case, the nose was slightly large all the way through the bridge with a slight bump just below the line of the eyes. The tip of her nose was distinctly turned down and was poorly defined. This doesn’t mean she wasn’t already beautiful. Instead, her Germanic nose just needed to be enhanced.

The Work

Nothing drastic was done to change Gisele’s nose and she still has strong Brazilian-Germanic features. Instead, contouring was used to slim the bridge and smooth out the top line. Now, she has a defined bridge that follows a straight line to a defined nostril. The tip was refined to be more delicate in a well-defined manner. Her ethnic roots weren’t lost in this rhinoplasty and she still maintains the straight, Germanic lines that are expected. The only difference is that her nose is much more feminine and definitely suites her face well.

When celebrities have a good nose job, they don’t lose themselves or their natural facial features. Instead, the surgeon understands how to take something beautiful and make it even more attractive. In this case, Gisele has delicate natural features, including defined cheekbones and a high brow. This was all enhanced with her more delicate nose. She didn’t need a full nose job, and the plastic surgeon knew that.

Was Gisele beautiful before her nose work? Most certainly, and while she was gaining fame, no one said “she would have success if she just had a different nose.” She didn’t change who she was and she certainly didn’t alter her appearance drastically. With a little work, she just added to her beauty.

I like it when patients understand that a nose job, in most cases, should be subtle. It isn’t about becoming a different person. Instead, it’s about enhancing who you are. If a patient showed me a picture of Gisele, I would know they know what it means to take something slightly disproportionate and make the small changes needed to contour it and create a line perfect for the face. This Brazilian beauty, now often referred to as Mrs. Tom Brady, will likely continue to be a megastar, not because of her excellent nose job, but because of the lovely woman that she is.

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