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Cheek implants, also sometimes called a cheek augmentation, enhance the cheekbones, and can make the cheeks look fuller. As you age, tissues in your face become less firm and thinner. Adding volume to the middle of the face or the cheeks with implants improve facial contours and give a more youthful appearance to the face. A cheek augmentation can make your face appear more youthful or balance your facial features, making you feel more attractive.

Signs of aging cause cheeks to pull downward. One factor of this downward movement is located in the pockets underneath the skin. As fatty compartments break down over time, loss of tissue contributes to the sunken in look. Another factor for cheeks to look older is naturally low cheekbones which make a younger person look older than they are. Cheek augmentation surgeries address these issues in three ways: using a transfer of fat cells, fillers that restore soft tissue of the cheeks, or adding volume with cheek implants.

Cheek augmentation or implant surgery can give you significant volume and definition to sunken cheeks. The surgery is perfect for patients who have lost soft tissue in the midfacial area. One of the primary benefits of cheek implants and augmentation surgery is that they are permanent, and results last a lifetime.

Cheek implants require surgery and general or local anesthesia. The process is more invasive than fillers or fat transfers and you will have downtime and recovery pain. You will also experience swelling and redness around the cheeks and under the eyes, and are advised to use ice packs and pain medication.

Cheek implants are removable and can be made of medical silicon, which has a long, established record of safety. Dr. Rawnsley may choose from a variety of implants, depending on the desired goals.