Jessica Biel Rhinoplasty Rumors

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Celebrities are nearly always in the spotlight, and for many of them, that glare can get just a little too bright – so much so that they begin to think there are things they need to change in order to look just a little bit better when standing in front of a camera. Since plastic surgery is such a common thing nowadays in the celebrity world, there are always rumors flying around about which one had what kind of work done. Typically, a close look at a few images will reveal the truth fairly quickly.One such celebrity who has been rumored to have plastic surgery is Jessica Biel. Biel, who was born March 3, 1982, has been in a number of musical productions, beginning when she was a child. However, she is well known for her role on “7th Heaven,” in which she played Mary Camden. Since then, she has also appeared in “Trinity,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Blade,” “The A-Team,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” and “Total Recall.”
Jessica Biel Plastic Surgery Rumors
The rumors about Ms. Biel’s alterations slowly began emerging as her looks began to noticeably change. So far, these rumors include:
All it takes to determine if these rumors are true is a quick look at some before and after photos. One of the most noticeable changes is definitely in the star’s nose. When she was younger, her nose was somewhat bulbous at the tip, and a bit wider along the length and the bridge. If you look at images of the actress today, she has a cute, narrow nose with a tip that is much smaller.
Injectable Fillers
As for the injectable fillers, such as Jevederm and Restylane, which are done to make the lips appear fuller, there is still some speculation about this rumor. There are a few images that show Biel with much larger, more voluptuous lips than were present in her younger days – there are even images in which her lips appear misshapen. However, whether the filler has simply worn off, or if she was having a reaction to something, her lips appear quite similar when comparing older photos with more recent ones.
Biel’s Words on Plastic Surgery
While Jessica Biel has responded that she isn’t all that comfortable with her body aging, she has also said that she is even more afraid of having plastic surgery. She has also said that she would rather have wrinkles than go under the knife to have work done on her face. If we believe her sentiments, we would have to believe that her nose simply slimmed down and shrank at the tip as she got older. There are also those who claim that the fuller lips were due to plumping glosses and creams, rather than injectable fillers. While some of the photos make that look plausible, there are a couple where her lips are abnormally large, and we don’t think gloss can really do that.