Kate Winslet and the Great Rhinoplasty Surgery Debate

Kate Winslet before and after Rhinoplasty Surgery | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

If there was one debate over plastic surgery that has gained more attention and become filled with more animosity than any others, it would be the one involving Kate Winslet. This British beauty, known for her role as the beloved Rose in “Titanic” and for her curvy figure, has stated loud and clear that she is fully against plastic surgery in all forms. She even went as far as to start the “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League” with a few well-known fellow actresses. She has been so out spoken that she has even created some animosity on the other side, especially when it appears she has had some work done.

The Changing Reason

Part of the problem is that Kate doesn’t seem to keep her story straight. Once, she stated that she was against cosmetic surgery on her own. Then, she commented that she was actually “curious” about some types of plastic surgery but that her husband would be very angry if she even considered it. Finally, she has stated that some procedures, like Botox injections, don’t really count as “cosmetic.” Perhaps this is the reasons why she has gotten so much attention, or perhaps it is because her nose appears different now than it did years ago when she first appeared in feature films.

None of this is to say anything bad about Mrs. Winslet. She is a very beautiful lady and she obviously made her career without changing a thing in the beginning. She has also become a beacon of hope for curvy women everywhere, showing that you don’t have to be the shape of a stick to get Hollywood attention. However, if she did have work done, she does appear to be a bit hypocritical, speaking badly about actresses who admit to having work despite the fact that she may have had things done.

Did She Have a Nose Job?

Honestly, it’s very hard to tell if Kate had rhinoplasty because the changes are so extremely subtle. Some surgeons even indicate they think the changes to her face are the result of aging. However, let’s look at a few details. In 1998, Kate’s nose was definitely rounder in the tip and the nostrils. The bridge hasn’t really changed, indicating the work done was very minute. However, currently, her nostrils are smaller and narrower and the tip no longer droops. Additionally, it has a more distinct heart-shape that is considered pleasing to the eye.

Is it a trick of the light or an excellent makeup artist? It’s truly hard to say. However, in my opinion, Kate did have a very minor nose job. What I do like about her procedure is that the surgeon didn’t change a thing about the basic shape of her nose. Instead, they simply refined and narrowed ever-so-slightly, and it definitely makes her face look slimmer and more feminine.

Celebrities rarely admit to having cosmetic surgery, but few come out so adamantly against it as Kate has. Whether or not she has had procedures is still hard to tell, but her nose definitely looks different and is more pleasing to her face.