Lady Gaga Knows… No Nose Job for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always been admired for her non-conformity. When she was a young artist she was told that she should get a nose job.

While speaking to Sky News at the London premiere of A Star Is Born, Gaga opened up about the disappointing “advice” she received at the beginning of her musical career.


Portrait of Lady Gaga

“I was told when I was first starting out that I should get a nose job,” she said. “But I didn’t because I wanted to be who I was.” According to The Mirror Gaga also shared that the incident happened before her first single had come out.

“I said ‘No,’” Gaga said. “I love my Italian nose.”

Well, Italian noses are beautiful and Gaga prevailed!

But, I wondered why managers and others would worry about her nose. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face. Her features are strong and match the strong features of her nose, which is prominent with a convex bridge. To my mind, it works for her, and emphasizes her independent, “born this way” attitude.

These two features are very often corrected with rhinoplasty, however, and there’s a reason for that in facial aesthetics. A significant hump often makes the nose look too prominent, even distracting for many faces. Lady Gaga’s strong features are to balance this strength. Secondly, the visual line that a convex bridge creates makes the nose look longer and sometimes even downward-pointing. In essence, it looks like our grandparents’ nose. It makes us look older. Lady Gaga retains a nice upward rotation of her nasal tip, which counteracts this problem. Upward rotation of the tip, like with a child’s nose, makes us look more youthful.

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