Mila Kunis is a Ukrainian… with a Beautiful Nose

Portrait of Mila Kunis, an film actress with a Beautiful Nose

Mila Kunis is a Ukranian-American woman of Jewish heritage. She is a well-know actress, who started her career on TV in the series “The 70’s Show.” She has also had an extensive film career as well –  Forgetting Sarah MarshallBlack SwanMax Payne, and more.

So what accounts for her success? Well, she is clearly a talented actress, able to cross over from TV to film. But I think that her classic beauty helped her most of all. Mila Kunis has these prominent, large beautiful eyes that are common with her Russian heritage. The eyes are very commonly the focal point of many beautiful faces. And yet with her beautiful features, she has had rhinoplasty to my eye, as well as others’ observations. Why would such a beautiful woman with an already successful career, choose to have rhinoplasty? I have many beautiful patients who simply desire to enhance their beauty even more. They want to improve their appearance, but often in small ways. Often finesse rhinoplasty is the answer: narrowing and otherwise subtlely miniaturizing or enhancing their nasal features.

Mila Kunis comes from a long history of eastern European and Jewish people who have used rhinoplasty to enhance their appearance and improve their chances to succeed in life. American Jews were at the center of modern rhinoplasty’s rise in America almost a hundred years ago. While early rhinoplasty usually involved hump reduction only, Mila’s rhinoplasty mostly involves subtle narrowing of the bridge and narrowing of the tip, with minimal removal of tip cartilage. The nose retains its basic shape, but becomes less “heavy” in its appearance. After surgery, the nose is slightly less prominent, and less distracting from her beautiful eyes. This is rhinoplasty at its best, when subtle changes have a positive effect.

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