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Otoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery involving the ears. It entails cosmetically adjusting the size, positioning, or shape of the ears. An Otoplasty is typically performed on ears that protrude from the head, are larger or smaller than normal, or have an abnormal shape due to injury, trauma, or a structural issue from birth. Otoplasty is a permanent solution to improve the appearance of your ears and give your self-confidence a boost.

During the procedure, Dr. Rawnsley will make an incision, either on the back of the ear or inside the folds to manipulate the tissue of the ear, which can include removal of cartilage or skin. It may also include folding and shaping of the cartilage with stitches or grafting of cartilage to the ear. It can take several hours to complete the surgery.

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Different Types of Otoplasty

The different types of otoplasty include the following:

Ear Pinning

This type of otoplasty is recommended if your or your child have prominent ears that stick out. Ear pinning brings your ears closer to the sides of your head and reshape malformed cartilage.

Ear Reduction

If you have oversized ears (macrotia) an ear reduction may be of benefit to you. Your surgeon removes tissue to make you ears smaller.

Ear Augmentation

There are those who have misshapen ears, ears that haven’t fully developed (microtia) or small years. Ear augmentation increases the outer portion of your ear. This may require cartilage or tissue grafting.

Any type of otoplasty does not impact or improve your ability to hear sounds. It is cosmetic and concerns the outside structure of the ear.

After otoplasty, you will have a dressing placed over your ears to aid in healing. Keep the dressing clean and dry. During recovery you should avoid touching your ears. Sleep on your back and avoid resting or putting pressure on your ears and choose clothing that does not pull over your head.