Patient to Patient, the Importance of Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

Britni Blog ThumbnaiWhat fascinated me so much with Dr. Rawnsley and his Cosmetic Surgery Practice was his consistent results found within his Rhinoplasty before & after photos. Prior to finding Dr. Rawnsley, I had spent years searching for a plastic surgeon that I felt produced smooth, natural, and beautiful results. Upon request of a consultation, I was asked what I liked and disliked about my nose and facial features in general.  During my consultation, we took a series of before photos, and from there; Dr. Rawnsley produced several computerized digital images of the outcome he felt was most appropriate for my facial composition (which ultimately brought total aesthetic harmony to my face).


Dr. Rawnsley was the only surgeon I found, who uses computer imaging as a vital part of his consultation process. He was able to give me a direct response as to why he wanted to reshape my nose the way he had done so with the computer imaging.

At first, looking at this new me was overwhelming, but Dr. Rawnsley understood how important it was to change the way I look in a way that I still looked like Britni- but only softer and more aesthetically set. I cannot express how important, reassuring and wonderfully artistic it is to know what you are going to look like before you do. It very much eases the nerves and takes the question out of the “what ifs” while preparing for your Rhinoplasty procedure. Remember it is important to have a cosmetic surgeon that can give you results, and not just promise them.

What I was looking for was a softer set nose that blended in with my delicate facial features and petite frame. During my Rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Rawnsley reshaped my nose in a way that matched the curvature of my bone structure. My new nose also compliments my cheeks when I smile. Dr. Rawnsley’s delicate technique also enhanced the shape of my lips and reset the focal point to my eyes. Not to mention the fact I have the most beautiful profile I could ever imagine.

Finding Dr. Rawnsley and connecting myself to his Los Angeles practice has been one of the most amazing things I have ever done for myself. Not only do I wake up each morning feeling beautiful, but I am also so thankful that I took the time, did my homework and found the best cosmetic surgeon out there.

As a patient advocate for his practice, I encourage you to browse his website, request a consultation, check out his before & after photos, and video documentaries. Be sure to like ‘Rawnsley Plastic Surgery’ on facebook and always feel free to ask questions.

Thanks for reading!


-Rawnsley Plastic Surgery Patient Advocate/Model

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