Revision Rhinoplasty Case 12

This 26 year old revision rhinoplasty patient came to Rawnsley Plastic Surgery a year after her primary rhinoplasty from another doctor.

She complained of visual heaviness to her nose as well as a high ridge around her eyes. On examination Dr. Rawnsley identified a High Nasal Radix and a nasal starting point around the eyes which gave an elongated appearance to her nose. The effect was that her bridge appeared as a continuation of her forehead.

She underwent endonasal, or closed, revision rhinoplasty with reduction of nasal bones between the eyes, as well as overall de-projection and miniaturization of the nose.

She now has a much improved visual line framing the brow, sweeping to the nasal tip, creating a better frame around her eyes. And the result was exactly what she’d originally wanted.

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