Revision Rhinoplasty Case 6

This 27 year old rhinoplasty patient, a nurse from Hollywood, came to Dr. Rawnsley’s plastic surgery practice in order to fix a problem that had bothered her for a long time. For her whole life her nose had pointed to the left. She became so self-conscious that she would only take photos of herself from one side.

Upon consulting with Dr. Rawnsley he confirmed that her nose was deviated and they discussed approaches. Dr. Rawnsley used digital imaging to preview a series of slightly different changes to her nose so that she could virtually “try on” the result. They decided on an approach and scheduled the procedure.

The surgery was performed using open rhinoplasty. The nasal septum and nasal bones were straightened and some structural grafting of cartilage was performed in order to improve her symmetry. Additionally, Dr. Rawnsley slightly shortened the nose and refined the nasal tip.

…And the patient was exceedingly pleased with the result. Her nose was no longer attracted attention to itself. She feels that her face is more balanced and has gained new self-confidence.

…all to beautiful effect. The overall result is a softened appearance which brings the attention back to her eyes.