Revision Rhinoplasty Case 9

At the young age of 27 this physically active woman had broken her nose several times. Having had previous rhinoplasty surgeries with limited success she came to Dr. Rawnsley looking for a doctor who could perform the more complicated revision rhinoplasty procedures.

Fortunately for this patient Dr. Rawnsley is the surgeon who many patients come to after their initial rhinoplasty procedures are less than successful. After an initial consultation the doctor determined that she had a ptotic (drooping) and asymmetrical tip. He also confirmed that she had a perforated septum.

Through a combination of techniques Dr. Rawnsley was able to reconstruct her nose. He repaired her perforated septum. He rotated and added support to her tip and aligned her profile.

She was thrilled with way it turned out. Watch her discuss her rhinoplasty procedure in this video.