This 18 year old Los Angeles resident approached Dr. Rawnsley for a rhinoplasty consultation. She’d previously broken her nose and was left with a nose that pointed one way while her face pointed the other. She was ready for a change.


As a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rawnsley has a unique familiarity with the subtle elements that make up a balanced face. He could clearly make out her asymmetrical, widened tip. He also determined that she had suffered a deviated bridge. These, in conjunction with a nasal hump, gave her nose a visually disproportionate focus on her face.


Through endonasal rhinoplasty Dr. Rawnsley was able to achieve successful results without any visible scarring. He reduced the patient’s dorsal hump and aligned and reduced her tip. He was also able to successfully address the deviated bridge.


After the surgery and short recuperation the patient was thrilled with her results.

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