This 29 year old Italian rhinoplasty patient was unhappy with the bump in her nose as well as an overall feeling of a visual “heaviness” to her nose. She called Rawnsley Plastic Surgery and spoke with our patient coordinator Suzanne who scheduled her for a consultation.


People often come to Dr. Rawnsley with this sense of a “heaviness” to their nose which they would like to address. And part of the purpose of the consultation is to allow Dr. Rawnsley to ask questions and dig deeper into what exactly the prospective patient sees when looking at his or her own nose. They broke the “areas of interest” down into the nasal hump, the asymmetry, the slight downwardly pointing tip, as well as the overall sense of “heaviness.” Perhaps the other most important part of the consultation is the digital imaging process which Dr. Rawnsley uses. Having clarified the aspects of her nose she wanted to address, Dr. Rawnsley took digital photographs of her face and performed a “virtual rhinoplasty” allowing her to preview the intended result. Observe the center image of the profile view. This image is the actual digital imaging Dr. Rawnsley performed during the consultation. You’ll notice how close the simulation was to the final surgical result. Dr. Rawnsley take great pains to show with the digital tools only the outcomes he knows he can achieve for each individual patient.


The patient underwent open rhinoplasty with nasal tip reduction, refinement and rotation. Additionally, Dr. Rawnsley performed profile alignment with nasal bridge alignment to create a fluid line from the brow to the tip. Her nasal deviation was also corrected.


And she was incredibly happy with the outcome. Her nose felt “lighter” and rightly restored the attention her eyes.