This 26 year old rhinoplasty patient came to Dr. Rawnsley’s Los Angeles office after having broken her nose in an auto accident. Her nose had healed slightly crooked and she felt self-conscious about it. She was ready to correct it.


She came into our office where she was greeted by Suzanne, the patient coordinator for Rawnsley Plastic Surgery. After filling out a short form, she met Dr. Rawnsley in the the consultation room. During her consultation they discussed the change in her nose that resulted from the accident and how to correct it. She was also interested in additional, slight reshaping to the nose as well as minor chin augmentation to balance her face.


During her procedure, Dr. Rawnsley performed a dorsal reduction with tip refinement. He also undertook to slightly narrow the nose overall. The procedure was finished with the small chin augmentation.


…And she was ecstatic about the outcome. Just look at her photos.

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