As a graphic designer in her 20’s this woman had a strong aesthetic sense for balance. And she felt that her nose was out of balance with the rest of her face. As she would later tell Dr. Rawnsley, nobody noticed but it was something she wanted to fix. So she finally made the call to Rawnsley Plastic Surgery and spoke with Suzanne, our patient coordinator.


When she came into the office for her consultation Suzanne brought her into our comfortable examination room to speak with Dr. Rawnsley. One of the first things Dr. Rawnsley noticed about her nose and face was that her nose aesthetically interfered with the focus on her eyes. He explained that she had a classic tension nose deformity caused by an over-projected septum, the high hump on her nose. He also explained that the flattening of her tip which she was seeing when she smiled was due to poor tip support.


The procedure was performed using the closed rhinoplasty technique. Dr. Rawnsley did profile alignment, added nasal tip support and tip refinement.


…all to beautiful effect. The overall result is a softened appearance which brings the attention back to her eyes.

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