At 27 years of age, this young woman came to Dr. Rawnsley’s Southern California rhinoplasty office looking for a doctor with strong experience in nose surgery. She felt that her nose was too prominent looking over all, but she wanted it to maintain a visual strength.


After consulting with Dr. Rawnsley they agreed on a conservative approach that matched the features of her face. With the aid of a digital morphing system she was able to get a preview of what she would eventually look like before making a final decision on the procedure.


Dr. Rawnsley performed a closed rhinoplasty procedure on the patient (with most primary rhinoplasty cases he is able to use the “closed” technique). He de-projected the tip and added additional tip refinement. He was also able to improve her profile alignment.


Just look at her profile and 3/4 view… she looks great. Nicely balanced face and perfectly natural looking.