This 18 year old LA area resident came to Rawnsley Plastic Surgery with concerns about her nose. In addition to her self-consciousness about the hump on her nose she felt that the lower part of the tip of her nose made it appear that her upper-lip was being pulled outward, and that it worsened when she smiled.


Sitting down with Dr. Rawnsley for her one-on-one consultation she learned that her tip was in fact pulling at her upper-lip. She addressed her other concerns about the shape of her nose including the bulbous appearance of her tip and that it appeared to be pointing slightly downward. Dr. Rawnsley detailed for her the procedure and, using digital imaging, was able to show her a representation of the final result. Comforted by Dr. Rawnsley’s calm and clear explanations and excited about what she had seen in the digital imaging she scheduled her procedure.


As with most of his rhinoplasty procedures Dr. Rawnsley was able to perform hers endonasaly which would minimize scaring. He delicately reduced the hump and rotated and refined the tip.


The results were fantastic and this young woman was quickly able to re-enter student life with a new-found confidence.

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