Salma Hayek Rhinoplasty: From Sultry to Smoldering

Salma Hayek before and after rhinoplasty | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

The best nose jobs aren’t those that change a person’s whole look or even change the structure of the nose itself. Instead, successful rhinoplasty will use the same basic shape and contours of a nose to enhance it. This will then improve the whole look of the face. Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “there is just something different about her and she looks amazing” but you were unable to pinpoint what that “different” thing was? This is a sign of a good nose job, and Salma Hayek is a great example of it.

A Word about Ethnicity
If you take a look at examples of poor nose jobs on celebrities, you will often see one thing: the ethnicity of the individual was not kept in mind. It’s an important factor, because a nose of the wrong ethnicity will look odd or just plain out of place. Salma is a gorgeous Mexican-American woman who started her career on a Mexican television show. Her success in Hollywood has built on her sultry Hispanic beauty.Salma’s nose job doesn’t try to change her ethnicity and it still fits well with the rest of her features. I urge patients to understand how important it is to keep this in mind. When you look at Salma Hayek, you don’t see a nose job. You see a smoldering beauty.
The Change

In my opinion, Salma didn’t have a full nose job. Instead, the work was done through careful contouring of the bridge and tip. The bridge itself was made a little narrower, curving in as it moves up toward the brow bone. The result is a distinctly feminine line. Her tip was originally rounder and more bulbous, which did make her nose more prominent on her face, standing out just a little. It didn’t have good definition and it drooped slightly. The new tip is smaller, more delicate in nature and rotated so that the lines of her nostrils can be seen. A convex line toward the tip finishes the more delicate look.

I don’t believe that Salma had a full nose job, which would include breaking and re-setting the nose, because she still has the same, smooth arch. Instead, the work she had contoured her own, natural shape into something softer and more delicate.

It’s extremely important for any patient to remember that the best nose job is a subtle one. Changes shouldn’t be so obvious that anyone can tell the work has been done. The final results shouldn’t take away from the natural beauty of the face, but should instead enhance the features. Salma is a good example of this type of work. She still has the same, smoldering eyes and full lips. Her nose is still natural to her Mexican ethnicity. The only difference is that it is now more delicate and refined. When patients bring me pictures of Salma for an example of the nose they want, I know they recognize a good rhinoplasty when they see it.