Scarlett Johansson’s Nose Job: from Childlike Cuteness to Ladylike Beauty


Scarlett Johansson’s before and after Nose treatment | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

It seems like Scarlett Johansson went from girl next door to sexy beauty virtually overnight. Often referred to as ScarJo, this lovely lady is often considered the epitome of delicate beauty with full lips, perfectly shaped eyes, and a lovely apple shaped face. The argument over whether or not Scarlett had plastic surgery has been a heated one for a long time. She denies it and many people point to “well-done” makeup or a “trick of the light” for the reason why she looks so much different now.It is true that the changes to her nose are extremely subtle, but I believe they are there. Scarlett’s work is certainly minimal, but it should belong on a list of the best nose surgeries ever done on a celebrity.

Delicate Features

Scarlett has delicate features. That is what makes her such a beauty. The soft shape of her face and the fullness of her lips just speak of “womanly” features. Just a few years ago, however, there was one thing taking away from the delicacy of her look. It’s not necessarily that she looked bad with her old nose. In fact, it made her look quite a bit younger, bringing on the aforementioned “girl next door” look that we saw in movies like “the Horse Whisperer” and “Lost in Translation”.

The changes to her nose through rhinoplasty weren’t about changing that nose at all. Instead, they refined it so that this feature went along well with the delicacy of her face. The result is both dramatic and subtle at the same time. Gone is the girl and in her place is the sultry beauty that we know today.

How Her Nose Changed

It’s easy to see why some people argue that Scarlett didn’t have rhinoplasty surgery. After all, in a way, it appears that she just “grew into her nose.” That’s because the basic shape and contour didn’t change at all. She still has her same nose. There are just a few differences. The biggest difference is in the bridge. As you can see, her original bridge was thick, leading all the way up to her brow. The result made the nose look too large for her small and delicate face. The new bridge is distinctly thinner and definitely goes well with her other features.

The tip of her nose was rather bulbous giving it the unfortunately named “piggy look” when combined with the thick bridge. Very little work was done on the tip, however. Just small changes to refine it were used and the shape itself wasn’t changed at all. That’s how she still has the same nose but with just more delicate details.

Scarlett Johansson is and was a natural beauty. She began her career with her old nose, showing that she could become famous just as she was. The changes she made are so subtle that some people don’t believe any change was made at all. However, the overall delicacy of her face and features was enhanced through the most minor procedures to refine the bridge and tip of her nose.