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Skype Consultation | Rawnsley Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA
  1. Please email us and give us any background information you want to share: revision surgery, breathing difficulties, etc. If you have an idea, include what you would like your nose to look like: thinner, more feminine, bump taken off, etc.
  2. Set up Skype consultation with Dr. Rawnsley by emailing/calling us. Payment for Skype consult is due prior to consultation.
  3. Send your photos to us: Full frontal face, both side views, both 3/4 views (showing the opposite cheek) and one shot up the nose. Have photographer use a high resolution digital camera and stand at least 6 feet away. Do not cut off the top of your head or your chin. Your photos must be in focus and lit well against a clean background or they will be unsuitable for computer imaging. Use this link to send your photos.
  4. Dr. Rawnsley will perform your computer imaging and email the images to you. You will receive a quote for your future surgery.
  5. The next step is picking a surgery date. We will also set up a pre-op consultation appointment with Dr. Rawnsley 1-2 days prior to your surgery.
  6. We look forward to making your surgical experience go as smoothly as possible.